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where I used THC balm to ease my elbow pain, I see today on CNBC, The Financial Channel, that GW Pharmaceuticals, a UK company that does research here in Colorado, (where the rightwingnuts(R) have lost power) developed a cannabis based drug that significantly reduced seizures in children suffering from epilepsy. This has been known, anecdotally, for quite a while with many families moving to our state to get medical marijuana, because the Repubs (who are against legalization, nearly EVERYWHERE) in their own state would jail them for providing help to their children.
Same old shit from the same jerks. 'I don't like it, so YOU can't have it', BUT, they claim to hate big govt. Can you say hypocrites? If you don't like it FINE, don't use it, but don't force your views on everyone.
The company that developed Epidiolex saw their stock rise over 100% when the clinical trial results were announced. I'm sure it's just the first of MANY new cannabinoid based meds that will be developed once the scientists (another group the Pubs 'just don't get') are allowed to do their research.
Just like Nancy Reagan changed her tune on stem cell research (killed by GW and the Pubs, for religious reasons) when her Ronnie was afflicted by a disease that stem cells could help fight. Funny, how the Pubs come around when it's THEMSELVES who can be helped, which will become increasingly more obvious as scientists are allowed to use THC in all types of research, without fear of being thrown in prison by the jackbooted Repub goon squads.
Nothing new here, but sometimes the Repub mindset gets 'outed' in such obvious reasons that anyone (except the sheep, of course) can see how stupidly ridiculous they actually are. Mark my words, there will be MANY THC based medicines coming onto the market, now that scientists are allowed to do their job, freed from Repub bullshit.


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