On the surface, compared to the whackjobs

around him, John Kasich looks really good. UNTIL you actually look into all the 'Ohio miracle' economic claims he makes. The main reasons, by far, that Ohio is doing BETTER, is because of the resurgence of the auto industry, after Obama and the Dems bailed it out, while the Pubs screamed 'Socialism!'
Also, modern fracking methods allowed HUUGE, profitable oil and gas extraction in the state, which totally turned around their budget.
Even with those advantages, half of Cleveland's (home of Repub convention) adults don't have jobs, and Ohio is LAST, (as in smallest share), of the 38 states with job growth from 2007-2015. Plus, he shifted many state programs to towns and districts that can't afford to fund them.
But, when compared to the 'last clowns standing', Kasich looks like a winner, UNTIL you question his claims, then, he's just another big fat liar, like Trump and Cruz.
Nothing new here, as the Pubs say they have to 'Save America', or 'Make it Great Again', when we are #1 in the world, economically, after Obama and the Dems fixed the steaming pile of crap the Pubs left behind the last time they were in office. Other than the sheep, EVERYONE knows this, and ain't gonna forget, no matter HOW MANY LIES the Repubs spew. 


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