Good quote today about The Donald

'He's like a walking talking National Enquirer magazine.' Perfect. And his followers(R) are the sheep who get their 'news' from the Enquirer, FOXNews and think the Bible is literally true. As a PT Barnum-like promoter, he has tapped into the disaffected, ignorant underbelly of trailer park Republicans and has hijacked the party built to benefit the 1%. Wow, talk about Cosmic Kharma... The same stuffed shirts who made him sign a pledge not to run as a 3rd party candidate are now considering doing it themselves, in an effort to stop the monster THEY created. This is the same party that wrecked our country the last time they were in power, whose motto now is Just Say NO! and is supported and maintained by the propaganda from Bullshit Mountain.
We'll know a lot more after the Super Tuesday votes are in, but I do know one thing... It's REALLY fun to watch them squirm, as the chickens come home to roost. LOL....


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