I gotta admit,

I'm starting to reconsider. I am/was a Hillary fan mainly cuz she's NOT a Repub, which is paramont for any politician, and I thought Bernie was unelectable, mostly cuz he has a 'Socialist' label. I also admit HRC has been unfairly tarred with a LOT of total bullshit about BENGHAZI! and her private email server, but she's far from ideal, with her cozy relationship with Wall Street and the Big Banks. This weekend she sorta stepped over the line, with me, though, when she said if she was elected she'd ban all fracking. WTF? That's just plain stupid, and I can't believe she's going there. She also voted with GW for Iraq, although, in her defense, she was fed the handpicked 'intelligence' that Cheney and the Chickenhawks wanted to release. Bernie wasn't fooled.
Still a ways to go, and with the Electoral College it doesn't really matter HOW 'we the people' vote, anyway, but I'm leaning toward the cranky old man, cuz I can relate to him. We'll see....


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