In the insane world of Repub politics,

they are gonna delete the Dept of Education (they don't need no education), the EPA (WTF?) and the IRS (really?) to cut the deficit, when their total budgets aren't 10% of the problem. These are the only specifics we get, to offset the hundreds of billions that are lost to their tax cuts. Totally insane, but SO Republican. Who believes this crap? Oh yeah....
PS The clowns are POUNDING immigration problems, BUT, the Pubs in the House wouldn't even vote on an Immigration Bill that would have easily passed a bi-partisan vote. Can you say HYPOCRITES?
Now the clowns are saying we have to have ground troops in Libya to drive out Isis. Hmm, where will they go then? It's called infinite war, which is the Pub plan for everything. BTW, we already tried that crap. Can you say Iraq and Afghanistan?


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