Interesting article on the AP wire this morning

about the Mexican pot cartels and how they're suffering. In spite of increased patrols at the border, confiscations are down from over 4 million lbs in 2011 to just over 1 mil in the last year. AND, the price is WAY down, because of legalization in parts of the US. Yay Colorado!
Prison sentences are down, cops can concentrate on REAL criminals and the will of the majority is finally recognized. In SOME states. In rightwingnut country, teenagers still go to prison for pot possession while white collar criminals get a slap on the wrist, if that much.
Oh well, like most issues, the Red states will come around, SOMEDAY, after wrecking thousands of lives, and reality becomes SO obvious even THEY can't ignore it. But that's many years away. In the meantime, young people with choices are ditching Pub country and flooding Colorado, where Denver was just voted # ONE in the country, for jobs and other amenities.
Just one (young and educated leaving in droves) of MANY reasons why the once proud GOP is on the verge of extinction. Good riddance. Can you say dinosaur?


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