Nearly everyone agrees, 'It's coming'

Trump vs Hillary that is, and HRC's main adviser says that they've been vetting The Donald for months, just as the Pubs have been with Hillary, for YEARS. The BIG guns against Hillary? Four dead in BENGHAZI!, which was sad, but unpreventable, unless she had been lying in wait with an RPG, and a 'private server e-mail' that was totally legal at the time, and all the 'Top Secret' info was 'REclassified' AFTER she sent it. This is their main ammo? Hmm, I wonder if the Dems will be able to find out anything on The Donald? Maybe so.... As I've said before, this is gonna be SO much fun, to watch the Party of NO! crash and burn, as they should, after what they did to us, the last time they were 'in charge'. GO Donald!


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