The clown car survivors

battled it out last night, making a mockery of the most powerful position in the world. With all Donald's flaws, the Greaseball pounced on the fact that Trump would (OMG!) negotiate, or try to find common ground with the Dems. This is a sacrilege to the rightwingnut party, who puts forward a ridiculous position, says 'take it or leave it', or we'll do EVERYTHING we can to gum up the works til we get our way. WAAAH....They vow to 'save' the country (with the BEST economy in the world, now) from a guy who's made HUGE advances to fix the mess they left last time. Remember 2008?
The same Evangelical crowd who says, 'give us rules to follow cuz we sure can't make it on our own', loves the message from the loudmouth tough guy. They LOVE the thought of FOLLOWING someone, even if that someone has no clue. Sheep love shepherds, cuz there might be a wolf out there, and Bullshit Mountain assures them there's LOTS of wolves out there, so get safely inside the pen, and BTW, let's spend as much as possible on an already bloated military.
Nothing new here, but sometimes it gets SO ridiculously OBVIOUS.


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