The Greaseball was bitchin'

cuz 'Obama ran up the debt'. Oh really? Facts show the deficit, as a percentage of GDP, has come down every year of Obama's presidency. AND, look at the 'steaming pile' that Bush(R) left him. Revenues WAY down with the worst recession since the Big D. Unemployment skyrocketing and home values crashing. Interest rates at zero in a last ditch effort to save the economy and expenditures WAY up with unemployment claims, 2 unpaid for wars raging  and the VA hospitals filled to overflowing with injured vets from GW's 'Oops No WMD"s' fiasco, not to mention GDub's payment of over $860 BILLION to Big Money to keep the country from totally imploding.
And the Pubs are saying Obama is to blame? Who are these idiots? Oh yeah, FOXNews sheep. Never mind.... But, to keep it REAL simple. Can you read a chart? See if you can pick out the Bush years(R).


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