They just don't get it,

but that's nothing new. The sheep are bitchin' cuz some of Hillary's e-mails are NOW labeled 'classified' or Top Secret.  But, they weren't at the time she sent them. She isn't accused of sending ONE sensitive email. No one's claiming her private server was hacked, unlike many other govt systems.
BUT, the rightwingnuts need SOMETHING, after BENGHAZI! has spawned well over 30 investigations and found NOTHING.
Oh well, I guess they need to bitch about something other than their own candidate, who looks like he's gonna wreck them. GO ahead, arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic and bitch about private servers while your party goes down in flames. Talk about bitchin', wait til the Clinton Machine starts digging up dirt on The Donald. Think there're any skeletons buried there? As for me, I can't wait and I'm enjoying the hell out of the whole Pub fiasco.
'Jail' for using a private server (that was/is common among Repubs) that sent NO 'Classified or Top Secret" info? That's a favorite theme on Bullshit Mountain. What the hell is WRONG with the clowns, other than believing the crap from Bullshit Mountain?


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