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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

While waking up with 'real' news this morning,

after everyone gave their opinions on the future of the Repub party (bleak, at best), they had a segment with US News and World Report, who ranked the top 100 cities in the US, based on MANY categories that measure quality of life and general satisfaction. Colorado had 2 in the top five, including Colo Springs and NUMERO UNO Denver. The old fart from USNWR said, 'It's not ONLY the marijuana', and went on say how/why Denver was #1. It's SO nice to prove the rightwing nay-sayers, (pot's gonna ruin the state!), totally wrong, (as per usual) after nearly 3 years.
In related news, the Post this morning said there are less houses for sale in the Denver area, (3900 vs a normal 15,000) since record keeping began, as we enter peak season. SO, it looks like last year's 12% real estate gain could be topped. As always, 'tis a privilege to live in Colorado, BUT, too many people are finding out about our little 'secret'. Go ahead and visit, leave your $, then GO AWAY.


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