With the rise of The Donald,

the Repub faithful act surprised as they find out their's is the party of the uneducated, racist rube.
Wow, who da thunk?
The secret fear lying beneath Rubio’s accurate depiction of Trump as a “con artist” is that Republican voters are easy marks. The Republican Party is constructed as a machine: Into one end are fed the atavistic fears of the white working class as grist, and out the other end pops FOX NEWS editorial-page agenda as the finished product. The Republican Party has, for decades, been organized around a stable hierarchy of priorities, the highest of which is to reduce taxes for the wealthiest Americans, i.e., “job creators,” loosen regulation of business, and instill fear into the 'little people'. 
Now they're freaking out, cuz the monster THEY created, is running amok and threatening to bite the hand that created it. Too bad, so sad.  but it only goes to prove the old adage, 'you reap what you sow'. The only question now? President Hillary or President Bernie?
(Pic is of the National Republican Party's  Co-Chairmen, who want to remind everyone, 'Dems Are Dum')


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