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Showing again what an intellectual giant he is

the Orange Clown called Kim Jong Un a 'smart cookie'. Yup, a true genius, who inherited his position and killed thousands, including relatives, who dared challenge his rule.
True, compared to the 'Liar in Chief' he is 'purdy durn smart', but compared to other world leaders, these two dunces are at the bottom of the barrel.
At least we know who The Clown admires, other than Putin, FOXLies and obviously HIMSELF.
What a dickwad, who just invited Duterte, a tin pot Philippine dictator that he admires, to visit the White House.
What, isn't Noriega available?
In other words of wisdom from the dufus, he says that. 'The media deserve a very, very big fat zero.'
I guess he HATES those who report on what he says and does, BUT, he loves FOX, where they 'catapult the propaganda'.
Getting a straight answer out of the Donald is like trying to nail Jello to the wall.
Same old shit......

I recorded, and TRIED to watch, the Liar in Chief,

on Face the Nation, with John Dickerson. BUT, the a**hole was/is his typical self, where he ignores the questions and the facts, while spouting his version of reality. He won't allow a question to be asked, in full, before he bulldozes ahead with his fantasies and total bullshit.
When asked if he had learned anything after 100 days, that he didn't know when he took office,
he squinted his piggy eyes and replied, 'I have learned that the press lies even MORE than I thought', and then proceeded to bitch about all the lies he had been caught up in.
He claims Obamacare is DEAD, and his new HealthCare plan is REALLY good and just about to be approved. WHO BELIEVES THIS CRAP? Oh yeah, the sheep.
Never mind, I can't watch any more of this bullshit. Gonna check out what's new on NETFLIX...

I love to travel, BUT,

I seem to pick up a nasty cold/virus every time I do. You'd think, at my advanced age, I'd have every immunity in the world by now, but I can always find a new, nasty strain.
Still gonna 'keep on travelin', though....

While he was destroying his Repub clown car candidates,

the 'Liar in Chief' continually referred to his 'first hundred days', and the ignorant sheep swallowed his lies. Now, a hundred days into the fiasco that NO ONE saw coming, he continually dismisses the 100 day deadline he gave hims elf. Others aren't so forgiving, as the Orange Clown in the White House systematically destroys what has been built over the preceding generations.
In October 2016, before Donald Trump defeated Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, he outlined a plan of all the things he hoped to accomplish during his first 100 days in office. But in the wake of failure and unfulfilled promises as his 100th day approaches, the president has changed his tune. Last week, he criticized “the ridiculous standard” of the first 100 days, slamming the deadline in one sentence, and one sentence can describe his reign of error. “Every action and word of Trump has [a] foul stench of political expediency and self-aggrandizing, total lack of moral compass …

Just read an interesting article on Trump,

written by a behavioral psychiatrist.
 He described the Orange Clown's personality as 'malignant narcissism', with a side of paranoia, and schoolyard bully. Put that toxic mix into a pathological liar, who has a total disregard for the truth and you have a character that appeals to the kind of sheep who have no problem 'lining up and following' someone who tells them what they wanna hear, regardless of reality.
Can you say Bible Belt Republican?

Three days ago

we were on the white sand of Pensacola Beach, where I was catching fish on nearly every cast. Today we woke to a totally different kind of 'White World', with a beautiful spring snowstorm. Not enough to break tree branches (yet) but a reminder that Colorado can go from the 70's to snow, in a day.
I love it.....

The dumbshits(R) have done it again

With Colorado growing by leaps and bounds, there is a YUUUGE strain on our infrastructure, with more and more cars every day, as our state has become a magnet for anyone wishing to locate in a beautiful area with LOTS of jobs. We need to fix the roads and bridges that are here and build MORE of them. It could easily be funded with a small increase in the gasoline tax, that hasn't been raised since the 90's
BUT, the Republican assholes in the Colorado Legislature have blocked ALL gas tax increases, cuz the Grover Norquist branch of the rightwingnut party has them by the balls. Yup, basically 3 jerks(R) in the legislature hold the key votes, and because of their idiotic, ignorant rightwingnut mentality we will all suffer, for YEARS to come as our roads deteriorate cuz the jerks(R) won't allow a 3 cent increase in the price of gas, BUT, Pubs LOVE to shovel funds to the most bloated military in the history of the world.
Can you say IDIOTS?

The day he was elected, by the uninformed FOXSheep and other idiots,

who believed his obvious lies, The Orange Clown called Alex Jones, a total asshole who makes Rush Limbaugh look mainstream, and thanked him for all his support. If you've ever seen or heard this jerk in action, as he fires up the rightwingnuts with his agenda of LOUD hatred and idiotic conspiracy theories, you can understand why the courts took custody of his children AWAY from him and awarded his wife FULL custody, citing mental problems.
The guy(R) is a headcase who appeals to the lowest of the low, OR, the typical Repub voter.
Just check out Stephen Colbert's character 'Tuck Buckford', who nails Alex Jones, and the idiotic vile garbage that he spews to his rightwingnut followers, including his claim the the Sandy Hook massacre of grade schoolers is a 'Hoax' by liberals, who wanna 'take your guns'.
Don't you just love them 'deplorables?' Neither do I...

The President Show debuted last night on Comedy Central

Haven't seen it yet but sounds like it will be funny. The 'star' looks a lot like the buffoon in the White House.
Mr. Atamanuik closed the show with a take on Mr. Trump’s “America First” slogan, clarifying that it should really be read without some of its letters. “A ‘me first’ country gets a ‘me first’ president: me! I’ve ruined everything I’ve ever touched — companies, cities, marriages, toilets. I will use this office to enrich myself and my weirdo family, then tweet us into a war with Hawaii. I have the power to destroy any country on earth. But I promise you, it’ll be America First.” — ‘DONALD TRUMP,’ as portrayed by Anthony Atamanuik. In other Trump news, he is rapidly nearing his '100th day', a timetable he REPEATEDLY used
while promising all the 'miracles' he was gonna accomplish. Well, tomorrow is day 100, and he hasn't done shit, except sign a bunch of Executive Orders, or a 'wish list' of bullshit. SOOO, he came up with a one page &#…

Just returned, from fantastic trip

Had originally planned a road trip, to San Antonio, Austin, then on to N'Orleans, then maybe Pensacola Beach, BUT, Carol said that was too  much driving (she was right) and we decided on flying to Nawlins, then a leisurely trip along the coast, and spending a few days in Pensacola Beach.
Fantastic trip I'd recommend to anyone.
I can see why SOOO many Southerners are soo fat. The food is really good, and there's LOTS of it. I've never seen such HUUUGE portions, that were so good, at bargain prices. Esp seafood.
Had no idea Nalwins had so many museums, incl one of the best WWII museums in the world, plus amazing historical tours and museums/exhibits about the Civil War, War of 1812, History of Louisiana and New Orleans, plantations, swamp tours, nature walks and walking tours of different sections of the city, incl the above ground graveyards. FYI, Uber is the way to go....
And then there's Bourbon St, where I met Don Julio, had a brush with Hurricanes and heard a b…

I've heard Pensacola Beach and Nawlins

is nice this time of year. Who knows? Maybe gotta check it out some day..

One of the best quotes (and SOOO true) is from a Pub, today,

as he explained why he is SOOO disappointed in the Liar in Chief.
"He has brought the decorum of the presidency so low, I just can't support him".
Yup, that's a Repub with morals and principles. VERY rare, but still there, once you get away from the Bible Belt and the FOXNews sheep.
VERY rare, sorta like a triple digit IQ 'Trump supporter'...

I know Time Flies, BUT, this is ridiculous...

Just signed up and prepaid for my 50th Class Reunion. Very well organized, on-line, by classmates who have done an EXCELLENT job of creating a website and keeping us all (who want to be) up to date with what's happening with the Class of '67.
But, WOW! Fifty YEARS, already?

The Orange Clown in the White House

thinks 'main stream' news is FAKE, and gets his 'news' from FOX and Alex Jones, on InfoWars.
Alex has been recently been taken to court, in a custody battle for his children, and those of us who don't wade in the slime of 'Alt-Right' crap called 'news', by the sheep, are getting a view of what the sheep and the Trumpies call 'Facts'.
Alex was one of the people that Trump called on his first day in office, thanking him for all his support. Yup, this 'bottom of the barrel'(R) constituency is who gave us 'President Trump'.
Excuse me while I barf......
Alex Jones once operated in the darkest corners of the
internet, spreading conspiracy theories about government involvement in 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, the
Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing. He has also claimed the government
is trying to “encourage homosexuality with chemicals so
that people don’t have children.” But with the rise of Do…

This is SO perfect

for the Trumpies and their clueless Sec of EDUCATUON.
Note the spelling on the pic, from the White House website. Can you spell 'Ironic?'

The 'Mountain Olsons', (my son and family)

got a new puppy. Luna is an Australian Shepherd/German Shepherd mix and is SO cute. Follows Piper everywhere and already retrieves a ball. I think it's a great match for everyone.

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Other than FOX-PARP, the Political Arm of the Repub Party,

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the 'real' news agencies showed the thousands of people who marched in protest of Trump and his tax returns that he refuses to release, (Ever wonder WHY?), with some clever signs like, 'Why does DONALD DUCK his taxes'?
But on FOX, the Bullshit Mountain propagandists ask, 'Who's paying these protesters?' Same old crap from the 'alternative facts' network, but it does get SOOO old.... Even the low information, intellectually challenged sheep have to see this blatant BS for what it is. Never mind, they're the sheep...
BUT, now it's off to Easter dinner with the kids on this beautiful spring day. AND we get to meet Piper's new puppy.



Regarding the Clown in the White House, I've said, Just be patient...

and our patiemce may be paying off. According to Britain's largest newspaper, they're about ready to release the results of a long term investigation into Trump and his Russian connections.

U.S. investigators have "concrete" evidence
of collusion between Trump associates and
Russia, according to a recent report by The 
Guardian. "They now have specific concrete and
corroborative evidence of collusion," an
unnamed source claims in the report. "This is
between people in the Trump campaign and
agents of [Russian] influence relating to the
use of hacked material."
SEE MORE: Expert who called Trump's election win, now predicts impeachment If verified and released, such evidence could potentially pose a bombshell threat to the Trump administration. While the Trump administration has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, evidence that the campaign worked with foreign forces to leak damaging information about Democratic rival Hillary Clinton could potential…

SOOOO true...

From today's Denver Post

The Denver Post needs to print a retraction. The United States dropped the largest bomb on the world in last November’s election. The one dropped Thursday on Afghanistan was minuscule in comparison. Martin Petters, Centennial

SO, we dropped the Mother Of All Bombs,

on an underground cave/tunnel structure in AFG. Sounds good, BUT, how the hell do they know there were 36 ISIS fighters killed? Just more military bullshit we are expected to believe, as the YUUUGE bomb killed all the cave dwellers within 'How Far'?
Yup, killed 36, in all the underground tunnels, that was worth a multi-million dollar bomb.
Nothing new here....
PS Have no problem with the bomb, but 36 casualties? WTF? Who believes this? Oh yeah, the sheep...

FOXNews is famous for posting some BULLSHIT,

but this has to be right near the TOP of their Bullshit Mountain. What do I need to do?

Want to improve your life? Be more like President Trump (Not kidding!) By  Published April 14,

I could relate to an article in the NYT this morning

This, in a nutshell, is why I read FOXNews, although it makes my head spin and blood boil as I think, 'What kind of people can look at this crap and not see the OBVIOUS, BLATANT spin, bias and outright LIES that are reported as 'news'? And then I realize, they gave up on anything resembling 'Fair and Balanced' when they decided to get their 'news' from an agency created by the Head Political Strategist of the Repub party, Roger Ailes.
Case closed, for those who dwell inside the rightwing bubble, with their heads deeply and firmly implanted, and get the 'news', and 'opinions disguised as facts' that the Pubs WANT them to get. It makes sense to the sheep....

In her essay, she argues that subjecting yourself to a book or, let’s say, an opinion essay, on a topic that you’d rather avoid can be invigorating. “To actively grapple with your assumptions and defend your conclusions gives you a sense of purpose,” she writes.You can read that piece, …

SOOO true.

The Pubs rely on the low info sheep who get their 'news' from FOX, the Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party. And now we have Trump, the Reality TV Star. Totally insane and SO Republican...

While we are waiting for more info to be verified,

we found out today that Britain has a YUUUGE folder on The Donald and his henchmen, including Paul Manafort, Carter Page and Michael Flynn. We should hear the juicy stuff soon.
As I keep saying, Just Be Patient. This SOB is going DOWN.
British Spies Were First To Link Trump's People To RussiaBritain’s spy agencies played a crucial role in alerting their counterparts in Washington to contacts between members of Donald Trump’s campaign team and Russian intelligence operatives, the Guardian has been told.
GCHQ first became aware in late 2015 of suspicious “interactions” between figures connected to Trump and known or suspected Russian agents, a source close to UK intelligence said. This intelligence was passed to the US as part of a routine exchange of information, they added. Over the next six months, until summer 2016, a number of western agencies shared further information on contacts…

With all that is going on with Syria, Russia and North Korea,

Trump and his clown crew(R) decided to attack..............................Planned Parenthood. Yup, they're leveling the Big Guns on poor women who want to stay healthy and NOT get pregnant. At the urging of their Bible Belt supporters, the Trumpies declared WAR, today, against birth control and women's health.

WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump signed a
resolution on Thursday that will allow states to withhold
Title X family planning funds from Planned Parenthood
and other abortion providers.  The resolution overturns a Health and Human Services rule enacted by the Obama administration last year that prevents states from defunding Planned Parenthood or
other health providers for any reason other than the
provider’s lack of “ability to deliver services to program beneficiaries in an effective manner.” Now, states can withhold federal family planning grants from providers because they offer abortion, even though the longstanding Hyde Amendment prevents any federal money 
from …

We have a new church in town, says today's Denver Post

A 113-year-old church building in Denver has found a higher calling. The International Church of Cannabis opens its doors April 20, the unofficial annual marijuana holiday. The renovated church, at 400 S. Logan St., is the headquarters of Elevation Ministries, a newly formed Colorado nonprofit religious organization that claims cannabis as its primary sacrament. This is a unique community for those who consume cannabis as a means to achieving self-discovery, said founding member Steve Berke. Members, known as Elevationists, claim no theology or authoritarian structure, he said. “The Elevationists’ goal is creating the best version of themselves,” he said. “We believe cannabis accelerates and deepens that process.” As the 4/20 opening approaches, the state is also dealing with possible new rules by the Trump White House. If Atty Gen Jeff Sessions tries to make recreational marijuana illegal, the state will automatically classify ALL sales as 'Medical'. This will cost the state…

The Pubs and FOX (one and the same) are bitchin',

cuz the Dems are holding up one of his cabinet choices, after The Clown did such a great job with Dr Ben Carson, who said, 'I'm unqualified for a Cabinet position', before Trump appointed him as head of HUD (WTF?), put Rick Perry in charge of an agency he promised to eliminate and Betsy DeVos, one of his YUUUGEST contributors, in charge of the Dept of Education, where she has ZERO experience.
BUT, what many DON'T realize is what Trump and his Clown Crew HAVEN'T done.
According to CNBC, the Financial Channel, as they try to explain the run up in precious metals, cuz this administration(R) is considered incompetent, there are THOUSANDS of positions that are sitting empty, with no one even nominated...
As of Thursday, the White House had yet to put forward the names of candidates for 475 of the 554 key positions that require Senate confirmation, according to the Partnership for Public Service, a nonpartisan group that advises incoming administrations. That doesn'…

Interesting article today about transgender issues,

after Zeke was outed on 'Survivor' last night. Repubs, esp in the backwater Bible Belt areas like North Carolina where think they have to protect their children from these 'monsters', BUT,
There have been more documented instances of Republican congressmen being arrested for solicitation in restrooms than transgender people. Perhaps what we need is a law keeping members of the Republican Party out of men’s rooms.
Former U.S. Senator Larry Craig, Florida state Representative Bob Allen, and Mississippi Congressman Jon Hinson were all Republican lawmakers, and were all arrested for sexual misconduct in a public bathroom.
Same old crap from the Pubs, they think their Good Book instructs them to hate those who aren't like them. AND, if you're not like them, then you are possessed by the devil. (SO, do you CHOOSE to be gay, or 'The Devil Made Me Do It?) 
Both (believed by the sheep) are equally ridiculous, but SO typical.....
This same enlightened thinking has them d…

For MANY years, we've gotten together for "Survivor" night,

to have drinks and dinner with friends, just as an excuse to hang out, BUT, tonight's Survivor was one of the most unusual EVER, as Zeke was 'outed' as being transgender. WOW! No one saw that coming.  Just when you think Survivor can't surprise you any more, it always does....

SURPRISE! Bigmouth Bill O'Reilly won't be around, for a while,

BUT, he's assuring his 'reality challenged' sheep listeners that it is for a 'previously scheduled' vacation.
And I'm sure they swallow that crap like all the other lies he spouts from Bullshit Mountain.
The fact that he's under investigation for at least FIVE different sexual harassment charges is just a 'coincidence'.
I'm sure he'll be back soon and his loyal minions have already decided he's just being attacked by those damned, science believing, bleeding heart Liberals.
Nothing new here, in the land of FOXBullsit, where preying on the 'weaker sex', if they wanna keep their jobs, is just part of company policy, as deeply ingrained as their unofficial motto.
 Dems BAD--Pubs GOOD!

SOOOO, Mr Liar in Chief(R),

when is it that we're gonna "win SO much we'll get tired of winning?"
Oh yeah, that's just another of your lies, that the sheep fell for, like all the others.
Never mind....

I continually hear the rightwingnuts bitch about SOCIALISM,

as they cash their Soc Sec checks and enjoy Medicare. THAT is socialism you idiots(R).
Deal with it, as you listen to your FOXNews masters....

Interesting article in 'Politico' today


by Andrea Mitchell, who has covered seven presidents.

“I have never seen anything like this where people just flat-out lie. You know, black is white and white is black, and they mislead you. It's really disconcerting to see the podium in the White House briefing room being used to mislead or misdirect or obfuscate.”
The White House staff is using the briefing room as a daily disinformation machine and a president and secretary of state outright undermining the ability of reporters to do their job.
Oh, and another thing she’d like to get straight: She’s not, she insists, some pro-Clinton hack. “I’ve covered seven presidents now,” Mitchell tells me, “and have not endeared myself to any of them. That’s the job. We are adversarial.”

I realize lies are nothing new to the FOXSheep, BUT, the rest of us, incl Andrea Mitchell, REALLY don't like it....

Look at those faces in the stands....

after Michael Westbrook beat the Nuggets with a last second 3 pointer, in Denver last night.

A good article about 'Southern Christians'

and how they're about to get dumped on by the clown they elected. It's called karma...

Republicans now have what they’ve long wanted: the chance to turn this into a Christian nation. But what’s being planned in Washington will hit my fellow Southerners harder than almost anyone else. Where are the immigrants? Mostly in the South. Which states execute more prisoners? The Southern states. Which region has the highest poverty rates? The South. Where are you most likely to drink poisoned water? Right here in the South. Where is affordable health care hardest to find? You guessed it. My people are among the least prepared to survive a Trump presidency, but the “Christian” president they elected is about to demonstrate exactly what betrayal really looks like — and for a lot more than 30 pieces of silver.

Most conservative Christians ignore most issues when they step into the voting booth. In part that’s because abortion has become the ultimate border wall for Southern believers. I ca…

Congratulations rightwingnuts

President Trump scraps tax reform plan after lessons learned from Obamacare repeal attempt Apr 10th 2017 8:45AM
You swallowed all the crap from the Orange Clown about a Big Beautiful Wall, repeal of Obamacare on Day One, massive tax cuts, YUUUGE infrastructure spending and 'draining the swamp'.
HA! Can you say 'gullible suckers'?
What else can you expect from a bunch of FOXNews believing sheep, who swallow the lies, like Debbie in Dallas and give us another Repub administration. Only this one's way more incompetent than the Bushies who gave us war based on lies and the worst economic crash since the Big D.
You suckers oughta be SO proud of yourselves.
OK, now you can go back to Bullshit Mountain and listen to morality rants from the Sexual Harassment center of the universe and Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party who preach about the danger of believing 'science', to the gullible suckers, in their right wing trailer parks.