The President Show debuted last night on Comedy Central

Haven't seen it yet but sounds like it will be funny. The 'star' looks a lot like the buffoon in the White House.
Mr. Atamanuik closed the show with a take on Mr. Trump’s “America First” slogan, clarifying that it should really be read without some of its letters.
“A ‘me first’ country gets a ‘me first’ president: me! I’ve ruined everything I’ve ever touched — companies, cities, marriages, toilets. I will use this office to enrich myself and my weirdo family, then tweet us into a war with Hawaii. I have the power to destroy any country on earth. But I promise you, it’ll be America First.” — ‘DONALD TRUMP,’ as portrayed by Anthony Atamanuik.
In other Trump news, he is rapidly nearing his '100th day', a timetable he REPEATEDLY used
while promising all the 'miracles' he was gonna accomplish. Well, tomorrow is day 100, and he hasn't done shit, except sign a bunch of Executive Orders, or a 'wish list' of bullshit. SOOO, he came up with a one page 'Tax Reform' that is HUUUGLY slanted toward the one percenters. It has ZERO specifics, as per what income level the different tax rates kick in, while saying a HUUUGE number of deductions will be eliminated, but doesn't say WHICH ones.
Bottom line, more Trump bullshit that the sheep swallow, as he still refuses to release HIS taxes, while selling out our privacy on-line and is gonna allow drilling in National Parks while stonewalling all investigations into his Russian connections. Same old clown, who lies with a straight face while pissing off all of our historical allies (Canada, Mexico, Australia, Britain, Germany) esp France, where he supported the candidate (Le Pen) who promised to wreck the EU. What an asshole(R)......


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