When Trump heard about 'Sexual Assault Month',

he said, 'Sign me up, I'm experienced', BUT, when he found out it's just about 'awareness', he had to scramble, SO, in honor of the ladies, he decided to defend one of the pervs at FOXNews, Bigmouth Bill O'Reilly.
The Liar in Chief, who recently settled his Trump Univ lawsuits, by paying $25 mil in CASH, said the Bullshit Mountain Mouthpiece should NEVER have settled, which is the same thing he said about Roger Ailes, former Head Repub Political Strategist, who decided to get a larger, stupider audience by starting a 'news' (ha ha) agency, for those who like to see only ONE SIDE of a story. The sheep still thank him, for the 'Fair and Balanced' (still funniest motto EVER) approach to Repub propaganda, which they swallow like hogs at a trough full of slop....


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