Now that they realize the truth is gonna come out,

the Trumpies are releasing SOME of it themselves. Just the tip of the iceberg, as Flynn gets squeezed. As LBJ so wisely said, 'When you have' em by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow'.

Flynn did not disclose income from Russian companies: White House

In other Trump-world news, the 13 (low income/education) states who benefited MOST, (most Fed assistance) from Obamacare, and stand to LOSE the most, were all carried by the Orange Clown. 
It's called Karma.
AND, those coal miners Trumps loves SO much, at the expense of ALL our clean air and water? His budget strips out Appalacian rejuvenation programs (lots of JOBS) and job retraining for the miners affected. With friends like him.......


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