We have a new church in town, says today's Denver Post

A 113-year-old church building in Denver has found a higher calling.
The International Church of Cannabis opens its doors April 20, the unofficial annual marijuana holiday. The renovated church, at 400 S. Logan St., is the headquarters of Elevation Ministries, a newly formed Colorado nonprofit religious organization that claims cannabis as its primary sacrament.
This is a unique community for those who consume cannabis as a means to achieving self-discovery, said founding member Steve Berke. Members, known as Elevationists, claim no theology or authoritarian structure, he said.
“The Elevationists’ goal is creating the best version of themselves,” he said. “We believe cannabis accelerates and deepens that process.”
As the 4/20 opening approaches, the state is also dealing with possible new rules by the Trump White House. If Atty Gen Jeff Sessions tries to make recreational marijuana illegal, the state will automatically classify ALL sales as 'Medical'. This will cost the state some sales tax revenue, but 'it is worth it' to protect the state's citizens, and their wishes, from the Federal government's 'overreach'.


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