Although FOX's payments to settle sexual harassment claims

against Big Bill O'Reilly are about $13 mil, that figure pales in comparison to the millions paid by FOX (the Jesus people fave) to settle claims against Roger Ailes, the Chief Repub Political Strategist (Propaganda flinger), Roger Ailes, who founded the network as an alternative to reality, for those who would rather have a one-sided view, that CONTINUALLY  preaches Dems Bad, Pub Good, now go vote.
Yup, Bill followed the company pattern of 'mentoring' young women starting at Bullshit Mountain, then demanding sex, IF they wanted to keep their jobs. SIXTEEN women, (that we know of), have received cash settlements.
Do the rightwingnuts, who rail against them damn immoral Democrats, have a problem with those numbers and that mentality? OF COURSE NOT! They're Repubs, and they can do no wrong.
These jerks(R) elected a PRESIDENT, who bragged he liked to 'Grab them by the pussy'.
SO, when word comes out that their fave station is run like a frat house, NO BIG DEAL, but when Hillary had a 'private server' OMG! Lock her up!
Nothing new here, in the world of Repub Hypocrites, as there are two sets of rules for the sheep.
Do what they say, NOT what they do, at FOXNews, the Bill Cosby of corporate America.


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