Officials Took Control, Stole Show, and Fouled N Carolina's Win

was the USA Today headline.
It was The Final Game, but all anyone is going to remember is a whistle-a-rama.
What had the makings of a wildly entertaining finish became — FWEEE! — an interminable slog Monday night as officials called 11 fouls — FWEEE! — in the first four-plus minutes — FWEEE! — of the second half and 27 over the — FWEEE! — last 20 minutes. Both teams were in the bonus — FWEEE! – with 14 minutes left, bringing the game’s flow and pace — FWEEE! — to a grinding — FWEEE! FWEEE! FWEEE! — halt, with major players fouling out, FWEEE! ---or unable to play, with 4 fouls, FWEEE!
Gonzaga's two 7-footers, who used to dominate, were whistled out, on bullshit calls. Great if you're a NC fan, who were ecstatic after being GIVEN the one-pint win over Oregon, in the semis.
Just reading that makes you want to beat your head against the wall, doesn’t it? Now imagine trying to play through it. In the biggest game of your careers, no less. What can be done to punish the jerks who RUINED the biggest game of the year? Probably nothing,
Only in the Trump administration have we seen someone so TOTALLY unqualified and out of control, BUT, this game is history, and theTrump damage is just beginning...


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