Hey, FOXSheep, wanna buy a bridge?

Yup, I'll sell you the Brooklyn Bridge, for a hundred bucks. Really. Just sent me a Benjamin and I'll send you the title.
Don't believe me? Hey, you believe all the FOXCrap about Susan Rice, that is all BULLSHIT. ZERO evidence, nothing illegal, just innuendo and crap from the professional liars at FOX.
Yup, the Bullshit Mountain news crew will do/say ANYTHING to divert the sheep's attention away from the Trump/Russia connections. WHY? Cuz it WORKS! Just look at the headlines from the professional propagandists at FOX.
It's like teasing a cat with a laser, or waving a shiny object on front of Sarah Palin. Too easy...
Bottom line, nothing new here, as FOX says, 'Look here, not there, even though there's NOTHING HERE.'
US intel was surveiling Russian bad guys and came up with Americans in constant communication. Rice asked, 'Who is it?', and it was the Trumpies. SURPRISE!
And, like always, it works. Just change the facts, make up some crap and rile the sheep. What a bunch of chumps.....


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