Seems I wasn't the only one, who thought the refs SUCKED.

in the biggest college b-ball game of the year. Google (bad officiating, Gonzaga) and you get dozens of articles that say how they wrecked the game. At least the calls were terrible BOTH ways, unlike the Oregon N Carolina game where the jerks GAVE the game to Carolina.
Total incompetence (or?) on the biggest stage, ruining the games that the players worked SO hard to get into.
In other news, Roy WIlliams, NC coach and vocal Trump critic, ( said of Trump, "Our president tweets out more bulls*** than anyone I've ever seen."
 was silent when asked about attending a white House ceremony. DON'T DO IT ROY. Keep your dignity.

APRIL 4, 2017 8:15 AM

Critics rip the referees’ performance in Monday’s NCAA championship gam

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