I've seen North Korea's 'State TV', and feel sorry for the people

sorta like I see FOX, and laugh at the sheep, who get their 'news' in the same way as the North Koreans. Seth Myers noticed it too, as Trump and FOX, both reviled by thinking people, draw power from each other, while being accepted by the low-info, gullible sheep.
FOXNews and Trump's mouth, where LIES flow like beer in an Irish pub on St Patty's day.

Seth Meyers took aim at Fox News’ “sycophantic coverage” 
of President Donald Trump’s administration on Wednesday 
The “Late Night” host noted how the right-leaning network regularly gave Trump “glowing, unquestioning coverage”
 in exchange for “unparalleled access. 
It’s “the closest thing we have to state TV,” said Meyers.
Highlighting how Trump often tweets recommendations for 
the network’s shows, Meyers said the president should
have been “sworn in on a ‘TV Guide.’”


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