I recorded, and TRIED to watch, the Liar in Chief,

on Face the Nation, with John Dickerson. BUT, the a**hole was/is his typical self, where he ignores the questions and the facts, while spouting his version of reality. He won't allow a question to be asked, in full, before he bulldozes ahead with his fantasies and total bullshit.
When asked if he had learned anything after 100 days, that he didn't know when he took office,
he squinted his piggy eyes and replied, 'I have learned that the press lies even MORE than I thought', and then proceeded to bitch about all the lies he had been caught up in.
He claims Obamacare is DEAD, and his new HealthCare plan is REALLY good and just about to be approved. WHO BELIEVES THIS CRAP? Oh yeah, the sheep.
Never mind, I can't watch any more of this bullshit. Gonna check out what's new on NETFLIX...


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