I could relate to an article in the NYT this morning

This, in a nutshell, is why I read FOXNews, although it makes my head spin and blood boil as I think, 'What kind of people can look at this crap and not see the OBVIOUS, BLATANT spin, bias and outright LIES that are reported as 'news'? And then I realize, they gave up on anything resembling 'Fair and Balanced' when they decided to get their 'news' from an agency created by the Head Political Strategist of the Repub party, Roger Ailes.
Case closed, for those who dwell inside the rightwing bubble, with their heads deeply and firmly implanted, and get the 'news', and 'opinions disguised as facts' that the Pubs WANT them to get. It makes sense to the sheep....

In her essay, she argues that subjecting yourself to a book or, let’s say, an opinion essay, on a topic that you’d rather avoid can be invigorating. “To actively grapple with your assumptions and defend your conclusions gives you a sense of purpose,” she writes.
You can read that piece, and everything else in the upcoming Sunday Review, online here by Saturday afternoon. There’s much to grapple with.
And, Molly Worthen discusses the evangelical roots of a “post-truth” society, where facts have become 'casualties' since Donald Trump began his run for the presidency.


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