Trump and his fellow boneheads(R) promise a YUUUUGE infrastructure program,

but admit it could be a year or so away, sorta like their promised 'tax cut' (the Perennial Repub 'bait and switch' bullshit), along with their 'new and improved' Health care Program, that they've only had 7 years to work on
BUT, while we wait for the infrastructure funds, (which many Pub budget hawks say will NEVER be approved), the Trumpies have slashed the Dept of Transportation's budget by 13%, delaying and eliminating many important projects that were near completion or right at the 'ground-breaking' stage, many that promote mass transportation across the country.
Same old shit from the jerks(R), promise one thing to get the low-info sheep to elect them, then do the opposite when they get in power.
Nothing new here, but will the sheep EVER learn? Obviously not, as they get their 'facts' from Bullshit Mountain....


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