While he was destroying his Repub clown car candidates,

the 'Liar in Chief' continually referred to his 'first hundred days', and the ignorant sheep swallowed his lies. Now, a hundred days into the fiasco that NO ONE saw coming, he continually dismisses the 100 day deadline he gave hims elf. Others aren't so forgiving, as the Orange Clown in the White House systematically destroys what has been built over the preceding generations.
In October 2016, before Donald Trump defeated Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, he outlined a plan of all the things he hoped to accomplish during his first 100 days in office.
But in the wake of failure and unfulfilled promises as his 100th day approaches, the president has changed his tune. Last week, he criticized “the ridiculous standard” of the first 100 days, slamming the deadline in one sentence, and one sentence can describe his reign of error.
“Every action and word of Trump has [a] foul stench of political expediency and self-aggrandizing, total lack of moral compass and leadership.”
Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.)
“President Trump has spent his first 100 days lying to the American people about issues both great and small, refusing to disclose his tax returns or address fears about his campaign’s ties to Russia, struggling to advance a coherent foreign policy strategy and failing to guarantee affordable health coverage for all Americans ... #sad!”
“45 has proven to be one of the most dangerous human beings on the planet; we must resist his regime and build a movement in the millions.”


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