The Pubs and FOX (one and the same) are bitchin',

cuz the Dems are holding up one of his cabinet choices, after The Clown did such a great job with Dr Ben Carson, who said, 'I'm unqualified for a Cabinet position', before Trump appointed him as head of HUD (WTF?), put Rick Perry in charge of an agency he promised to eliminate and Betsy DeVos, one of his YUUUGEST contributors, in charge of the Dept of Education, where she has ZERO experience.
BUT, what many DON'T realize is what Trump and his Clown Crew HAVEN'T done.
According to CNBC, the Financial Channel, as they try to explain the run up in precious metals, cuz this administration(R) is considered incompetent, there are THOUSANDS of positions that are sitting empty, with no one even nominated...
As of Thursday, the White House had yet to put forward the names of candidates for 475 of the 554 key positions that require Senate confirmation, according to the Partnership for Public Service, a nonpartisan group that advises incoming administrations.
That doesn't include the thousands of political appointments that don't require congressional approval.
This, after the prez has flip flopped on nearly ever major position he campaigned on and backed off nearly every campaign promise.
Nothing new here in Pub world, but even for those historical 'immediate TAX CUT' liars, this is off the chart...
Thanks again, sheep/thumpers, for putting the Liar in Chief 'in charge'. What could possibly go wrong?
04/12/2017 05:35 pm ET | Updated 18 hours ago

Trump Reverses 

Himself On 6 Major

 Issues In 2 Days

From currency manipulation to NATO to Syria


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