The day he was elected, by the uninformed FOXSheep and other idiots,

who believed his obvious lies, The Orange Clown called Alex Jones, a total asshole who makes Rush Limbaugh look mainstream, and thanked him for all his support. If you've ever seen or heard this jerk in action, as he fires up the rightwingnuts with his agenda of LOUD hatred and idiotic conspiracy theories, you can understand why the courts took custody of his children AWAY from him and awarded his wife FULL custody, citing mental problems.
The guy(R) is a headcase who appeals to the lowest of the low, OR, the typical Repub voter.
Just check out Stephen Colbert's character 'Tuck Buckford', who nails Alex Jones, and the idiotic vile garbage that he spews to his rightwingnut followers, including his claim the the Sandy Hook massacre of grade schoolers is a 'Hoax' by liberals, who wanna 'take your guns'.
Don't you just love them 'deplorables?' Neither do I...


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