Wow, I didn't see it coming

but The Donald says he's gonna listen to the people, and not sign the bill, rammed through Congress on straight party lines by the Pubs, that would allow internet providers a YUUUGE financial lift, by allowing them to sell the personal browser histories of their customers to anyone who wants to pay the price.
Mr Trump realized NO ONE, except those who stood to profit, wanted such a bill, and he stood up to the Repub Congressmen that had gotten YUUUGE campaign donations (averaging about $160,000), to pass this heinous bill. Finally, Trump did something to HELP, not hurt the American people....
HA HA. April Fool! He's said NOTHING like that as the Repub bill is well on it's way to becoming law. And you thought the Orange Clown would do that? What a joke, as the Pubs continue to sell us 'down the river' that will now be polluted, along with the air, as they shut down the Clean Air and Water Acts. What a bunch of a-holes....


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