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Sunday, April 09, 2017

As the rightwingnuts cheer the Liar in Chief

for being a tough guy and bombing Syria, they gleefully point out Obama did nothing after a 'red line' was crossed.
What they  love to 'forget;\' is that the last prez went to Congress for authorization to bomb, and the Pubs 'shot it down' saying they didn't want more 'foreign entanglements', after GW and the Dick(R's) had screwed things up SO BAD, in that part of the world (see refugees STILL pouring out...)
Just a factoid for the nutballs as they do another round of self-congratulation. WE'RE NUMBER ONE1 WE'RE NUMBER ONE!
These same jerks(R) loved to bitch about Obama playing WAY too much golf, but now their boy is golfing twice as much'
No problem for the HYPOCRITES, who can spin on a dime when it suits their cause, which they learned at FOX, by having it drilled into their soft, mushy brains.
Dems Bad--- Pubs Good!  No exceptions....
PS These are the same brainiacs who SCREAMED about Hillary's 'private server' cuz it MIGHT get hacked (it wasn't), BUT, they're FINE with Russia hacking the US election to put their Clown in Charge. (ever wonder WHY?)  Republican=Hypocrite.....


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