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Monday, April 10, 2017

Congratulations rightwingnuts

President Trump scraps tax reform plan after lessons learned from Obamacare repeal attempt

You swallowed all the crap from the Orange Clown about a Big Beautiful Wall, repeal of Obamacare on Day One, massive tax cuts, YUUUGE infrastructure spending and 'draining the swamp'.
HA! Can you say 'gullible suckers'?
What else can you expect from a bunch of FOXNews believing sheep, who swallow the lies, like Debbie in Dallas and give us another Repub administration. Only this one's way more incompetent than the Bushies who gave us war based on lies and the worst economic crash since the Big D.
You suckers oughta be SO proud of yourselves.
OK, now you can go back to Bullshit Mountain and listen to morality rants from the Sexual Harassment center of the universe and Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party who preach about the danger of believing 'science', to the gullible suckers, in their right wing trailer parks.


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