Showing again what an intellectual giant he is

the Orange Clown called Kim Jong Un a 'smart cookie'. Yup, a true genius, who inherited his position and killed thousands, including relatives, who dared challenge his rule.
True, compared to the 'Liar in Chief' he is 'purdy durn smart', but compared to other world leaders, these two dunces are at the bottom of the barrel.
At least we know who The Clown admires, other than Putin, FOXLies and obviously HIMSELF.
What a dickwad, who just invited Duterte, a tin pot Philippine dictator that he admires, to visit the White House.
What, isn't Noriega available?
In other words of wisdom from the dufus, he says that. 'The media deserve a very, very big fat zero.'
I guess he HATES those who report on what he says and does, BUT, he loves FOX, where they 'catapult the propaganda'.
Getting a straight answer out of the Donald is like trying to nail Jello to the wall.
Same old shit......


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