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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Talk about shooting the 'imagined' messenger..

The clowns at Bullshit Mountain are falling over themselves, devoting about HALF their 'news' stories to Susan Rice, who 'may' have been the one to unmask the names of Trump's Russian connections. She denies any wrongdoing, and even the bozos at FOX admit it wasn't illegal, BUT, they gotta do SOMETHING to fade the heat from the sex harassment claims against their slimy founder, Roger Ailes and Bigmouth Bill O'Reilly, as they shovel out tens of millions of dollars in 'hush money' to at least 16 women who have been groped and assaulted by the 'boys' at FOX,

Oh yeah, there's also the story of Trump/Russia connections that they have to divert attention from.
SOOO, Susan Rice is the current target, cuz she MIGHT have said, 'Who are these people who are talking with Russian bankers and politicians?'
Same old shit from FOX. Coerce women into sex, if they wanna save their jobs, while convincing/affirming the sheep that DEMS BAD--PUBS GOOD, and don't forget to vote.


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