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Thursday, April 06, 2017

You don't get into Harvard by being stupid

That's why a recent survey showed the students of the Ivy League college were more afraid of Donald Trump, than ISIS. They rightfully concluded that the Liar in Chief is more of a 'Clear and Present Danger' than the black clad fanatics, thousands of miles away.
They may be able to kill or wound a few Americans, but the arrogant buffoon in The White House has the power, and apparently the inclination, to permanently damage our country.
You don't have to be a scholastic superstar to see something SO obvious....
Who scares you more: President Donald Trump or the Islamic State? For Harvard University students, the U.S. president is the bigger threat. 
CampusReform.org conducted the survey among the Ivy League students this week to see if Trump was viewed as more of a danger to Americans than the terror organization. And he was.


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