Just to 'keep it real, and truthful'

amidst the rightwingnut's screams about 'disrespect to the military and our country' when football players 'take a knee.'
It's called 'kneeling' for a reason, and has been around, esp in church, forever. It's a sign of respect for power/authority and is an exhortation, or request for an outcome, from an individual that feels a need to ask for some kind of supplication.
There is kneeling before royals and in all kinds of church ceremonies, BUT, when used by black athletes to call attention to the REAL crime of police assaults on minorities, the whack jobs claim it's an assault on patriotism and the sheep fall in line behind the obfuscation.
Same old crap, as Bullshit Mountain, Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party, FLIPS the meaning of an action to fire up the sheep.
And why not, it works, cuz the 'gullible among us' have been tricked into totally missing the meaning of a kneel, while claiming those kneelers hate the flag and our veterans.
Can you say IDIOTS?


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