Wow, who da thunk....

I have just been informed that I'vecrossed over some kind of 'threshold' as to a certain number of readers in the European Union, and I'm now subject to EU rules that I have to agree to.
SOOO, I'm agreeing to those rules, and will not plant 'cookies' or any other kind of tracking devices on my blog.
There, It's written and I agree, not that I ever  have, or would do such a thing.
I hope this satisfies the requirements.
We'll see, I guess.
You can't make this stuff up.
AND, I promise to keep telling the truth about the Liar in Chief and FOX-PARP,  purveyor of LIES and the Propaganda Arm of the Republican Party, who has enabled this scourge upon the earth, with the help of the 'gullible among us'.
Good enough?
BTW, this is for real.....


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