I totally agree... with the NFL Player's Assn

As often happens, the initial intent of something, like investigating Trump's Russia connections, is LOST when the reaction to the issue gets more publicity than the issue itself
Like the NFL players kneeling to protest police violence that often goes unpunished. A perfect example was the Milwaukee Bucks B-ball player who was beaten and tased for a parking violation, BUT, cuz he's well known, the cops are being investigated.
That's the action the NFL kneelers are protesting. It's NOT against the flag, our veterans or our country. It's against police violence against minorities going unpunished, and the beginning of a football game is the only large scale venue they have.
What you think, fourth and one's a better time?
This isn't over and will be interesting to see where it goes, as the owners bow to the Liar in Chief and the players, who we all PAY to watch, aren't gonna take it. I hope.
The NFL Can Punish Kneeling Players Because It’s a Private Corporation. Let’s Start Taxing It Like One.”


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