Am hearing AGAIN, from Dotard and his henchmen,

how the FBI 'spied' on Trump during the election.
Oh really?
First of all, 'It's their JOB' when there are SO MANY Russian connections.
BUT, did they tell anyone about his MANY Russian connections, OR did they drop the 'Hillary Email' BOMB eleven days before the election?
Think about it morons....
Not that I'd expect any of the minons to understand something SO obvious, as Repub-created FOX'News' (could they MAYBE be biased?) does everything possible to muddy the waters, change the subject and disseminate their 'Fake News.'
Why not?
It WORKS, for the uninformed sheep....
Remember when the Pubs used to be FOR the FBI, Justice Dept and US intel and AGAINST lying NYC hucksters?
Seems like a long time ago, right?


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