Please explain to me,

why it's a 'perjury trap' for Dotard to be questioned by Mueller, IF, the Liar in Chief  is innocent?
Giuliani, the loudmouth lawyer claims it's all a witch hunt, (after 19 indictments and five convictions), and REFUSES to let his guilty client testify.
Cuz he's obviously GUILTY if he tells the truth and GUILTY if/when he lies.
Sounds like a good reason to keep him from testifying, IF you're a guilty Repub, who doesn't want the TRUTH to come out, under oath.
And the GAU, (gullible among us) swallow the whole act from FOX-PARP (Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party), going AGAINST the FBI, Justice Dept, CIA and all US intel that has PROVEN Russia helped to elect the NYC pussy grabbing sleaze ball.
Remember, LONG ago, when the Pubs were a respectable American political party?
Neither do I.....


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