Just took a pretty exhaustive personality test , Briggs-Myers,

(to see what's wrong with me?), and found that I am an ESTP, an entrepreneur-type, which fits cuz I've only had a 'real' job for about 4 months, since graduating college, in Boulder, CO, MANY years ago.
I don't take orders real well, and have little patience with those I feel 'just don't get it', and are obviously 'slow'.....
Thanks to my good friend Scott, who turned me on to it, have found out quite a bit about myself, though there are no real surprises and lots of 'Yup, nailed it'.
Have learned, and try to live by it, that we 'are who we are', and don't try to fake being someone else. Just embrace what's real and make the best of your pre-programmed self, not feeling guilty about not being someone different/better.
The world would be REALLY boring, and not work, if we were all the same.
I share traits with Ernest Hemingway, Jack Nicholson, Eddie Murphy, Madonna, Samuel L Jackson, Bruce Willis, etc
I've learned to accept and embrace my uniqueness, and learning of my obvious faults try to improve, but, as Popeye says, 'I yam what I yam', warts and all, and try to focus on the GOOD, which has served me well, though not perfectly, while not feeling bad about 'non-conforming'.
Interesting test with good insight into your inner self. You may wanna check it out.



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