GAU = the Gullible Among Us

and we are talking about the same FOX-PARP sheep, who swallow FOXCrap, while avoiding 90+ % of 'real' news, and think the 'news' network 'bought and paid for' by Roger Ailes, (Chief Repub Political Strategist) = 'real news'.
Who da thunk these morons would have a hard time with reality, and vote 'Straight Repub', as the Pussy Grabber took over a third of our country?
BTW, part of my plan is to establish GAU being 'Googleable', as I do my part to expose the FOXSHeep.
Wait a few days and Google GAU.
It will come up as Gullible Among US, the PERFECT name for the clueless sheep, who swallow Dotard's LIES.


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