Dotard and the buffoons at FOXCrap are screaming

about the FBI investigating the Liar in Chief's campaign for it's Russia ties.
WTF is WRONG with you people, other than being HYPOCRITICAL idiots?
The FBI got tips, (that proved to be true) about Russian connections to the Orange Clown's campaign, SOOO, they did their job and looked into it. So far at least four people, Papadopolous, Flynn, Roger Stone and DJT Jr ADMIT meeting with the Russians, after first LYING about it.
PLUS there was that meeting at Trump Tower, three floors below Donald's suite, (that he knew NOTHING about), where the treasonous jerks(R) first claimed it was about 'adoptions'.
You hypocritical jackasses went ballistic about Hillary's 'private server' that MIGHT be hacked, but have No Problem when a foreign power, one of our worst enemies, inserts an unqualified buffoon into the presidency of the US. Ever wonder WHY?
If the FBI DIDN'T have a mole in his campaign, they sure SHOULD have, AND, they should have told the US voters what they found, instead of leaking Hillary's emails, which turned out to be NOTHING.
Whenever I think you jackholes can't POSSIBLY be worse, Bullshit Mountain riles you all up and you prove me wrong.
Can you imagine if Hillary had been elected and we found out AT LEAST four in her campaign actively worked with the Russians? You idiots would join with the NRA and storm the White House, led by Rush and Sean.
NOOO, they'd be in the rear, hiding behind the sheep they riled....


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