Trump hates tyhe Washington Post, owned by Jeff Bezos,

SOOO, the Liar in Chief is trying to get the Postal Service to DOUBLE the amount it charges Amazon, although his own Postmaster says they 'make money' shipping Amazon packages.
THe sleazy Orange Clown is SOO obvious in his vituperation against his political enemies, and his mindless minions back him up.
Nothing new here, but WTF is wrong with the morons who support Dotard?
It's like Nixon, who had the Post Office double the shipping cost of Post, Look and Life magazines, cuz they published pics of our soldiers getting killed and wounded in Viet Nam, putting ALL of the mags out of business.
Typical Repub bullshit, as they attack the 'Free Press' for exposing govt bullshit.
And I though it could NEVER happen again, but we got the Repub war n Irq, based in LIES< and now we have Dotard trying to punish Amazon, through the Post Office, cuz he doesn't like the Wash Post for telling the truth about his bullshit.
It's politics vs truth or Donald vs media, like Nixon vs exposure of the Viet Nam War.
Same old Repub bullshit, supported by the ignorant, gullible sheep.
Please tell me where I'm wrong, as Dotard uses his 'bully pulpit' exactly like the crook, Nixon, and the sheep are FINE with it. as always.


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