Bullshit Mountain, or FOX 'News', is just PARP,

                      (and this is after the 'Fair and Balanced logo was laughed off the air)

the Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party, and how they can separate some of their 'news' into the 'Opinion' section, while MOST of their swill is nothing BUT 'Opinion', shoveled to the sheep as 'news', is beyond me.
BUT, every once in a while (actually a LOT of the time) they publish something SO ridiculous I can't ignore it, as in today's 'Newsflash'..

Fitton: 'Anti-Trump' Russia probe designed to distract from Hillary's crimes and FBI-DOJ 'cover-up'

OMG, this is after at LEAST five of Dotard's henchmen have ADMITTED meeting with the commies and ALL the US intel agencies agree that Putin/Russia conspired to elect the Liar in Chief, AND the Clown refuses to impose the Congress-voted sanctions on the afore-mentioned country.
The FOX/Pub (one and the same) response:
Prosecute Hillary! The FBI and DOJ are CROOKS!
And the sheep swallow this crap....
And you wonder what's WRONG with (one third of) our country?
Can you say GULLIBLE?


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