Never has a president had SO much to answer,

Never has a modern president of the United States so carefully avoided pointed questions, and never has a president had so much to answer for.and AVOIDED those answers, by ONLY going on FOXNews (19 times) and only ONCE, with the legitimate press.

He has cut his own taxes, hidden two more years of tax returns and pulled out of the Paris climate accord. He has helped craft a false response to an email revealing that his son met with Russians claiming to have high-level contacts in the Putin government during the campaign, and refused to fire an Environmental Protection Agency administrator who is under 12 federal investigations.
He has spent about a third of his time at his private businesses, including one that charges $200,000 a year just to watch him chew and golf, and he hired the world’s biggest cheerleader for the Iraq War as his national security adviser after years of pretending he was against the invasion. He broke an international nuclear deal with Iran that our key allies believed was working, and threatened to sanction those allies for trying to keep it alive.
He promised to help ZTE, a Chinese phone company that had been fined for violating sanctions on North Korea and Iran — and he did it only 72 hours after the Chinese government and Chinese businesses had committed about a billion dollars to a project in Indonesia that will benefit the Trump Organization (which Trump still owns in violation of a campaign promise). 


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