As Mueller's work begins to pay off

and the noose gets tighter (or maybe that's his 'natural' color, after makeup?) cuz SO many of his henchmen are talking 'deals' to stay out of prison, Dotard is using the same ploy that so many of my rightwingnut acquaintances use whenever I ask them an OBVIOUS question about Dotard's guilt.'It's always the Pub's default answer, hmmm, 'Yeah, 'BUT WHAT ABOUT HILLARY'?, and they throw out some discredited bullshit, from years ago, that totally the ignores the question being asked, and think they answered the question. REALLY?
It's the Pub plan. Muddy the water with old accusations, shoot the messenger and discredit  Rosenstein(R) and Mueller(R), discredit the FBI, Justice Dept and ALL US intel, while believing the crap from Repub-created FOXNews.
And why not?
Just look at the gullible sheep who swallow the crap. And they VOTE!
Never mind, facts and logic don't work on that subset of gullible minions. Never has and never will.
These folks were never known for their 'smarts' and aren't gonna change, no matter HOW guilty the Orange Clown is.
As he says, 'I could shoot someone in Times Square'.....


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