As much as I hate to agree with FOX on ANYTHING,

I'm thinking the same thing BS Mountain is saying.

How can Starbucks continue to function as a business and refrain from becoming a chain of "homeless drop-in centers."

"Starbucks may find soon that its customers don’t want to be served coffee in a politically correct corporate homeless shelter," pondered Jeremy Carl in an Op-Ed article for Fox News.

I just wonder how long it's gonna take for Starbucks to become a meeting place for all the homeless who want a bathroom, AC in the summer, heat in the winter and a place to just 'hang out'.
I can't see this as anything but a YUUUGE mistake by a company who just wanted to do the right thing after tossing out two guys who were guilty of 'being black in public'.
If I'm ever homeless, on the streets, Starbucks will definitely be my new HOME.


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