There was a time

when I would say, 'Let's talk, and try to understand each other', BUT, I understand the rightwingnuts WAY too well, and have no desire to hear any more of their bullshit.
The HYPOCRITES claim Dotard is a 'Christian, who is saving America'.
Are you shittin' me?
Who can be THAT stupid?
 Oh yeah, the FOXSheep, who ignore Dotard's Russian connections, as at least FOUR of his campaign members have admitted it, plus hooking up with the Saudi's, after initially LYING about it.
Do they care?
These are the Pussy Grabber's henchmen who will sell out America, to get a Repub in charge.
What is the OPPOSITE of a patriot?
A FOXSheep, obviously....
BTW, these are the same morons who went balsistic, cuz Hillary's 'private server', MIGHT be infiltrated by a foreign govt.
WTF is WRONG with these idiots?
Oh yeah, FOXNews...
Never mind.
Can you say HYPOCRITES, who place party in front of country?


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