Dotard's 'Tax Cut' which is MAINLY for corporations and the RICH,

is now being eaten up by higher gas and energy costs, as his 'sanctions' against Iraq take effect, after he trashed a deal that took YEARS and the work of MANY nations to create.
The sanctions voted on nearly unanimously by Congress, against Russia, have been IGNORED.
Hmmm, who do thunk?
Yup, the UNQUALIFIED Clown decided to punish all Americans who drive cars, travel in planes or use oil in any form to PAY for his arrogance and lack of economic sense.
He DID have some intelligent, knowledgeable people in among his henchmen, but they quit or were fired along the way.
Now, the disruption of world oil markets, to punish the leaders of Iraq, has us all paying an extra $10 or so each time we fill up.
Thanks a bunch, jerk(R).
In other actions, his National Guard deployments on the border have been described a 'a colossal waste', sorta like his 'third world dictator style military parade', but it keeps the sheep mollified, although under Republican rules, gas prices are up over 31% from last year's Memorial Day.
Have a nice day, as Big Oil/ Dotard takes $10 from you with each fill up.


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