The Orange Clown can (sorta) read a speech...

It's slow, choppy and difficult to watch, and you can tell when he wings it and goes off on his own, where everything is wonderful, NICE, beautiful and the BIGGEST.
It hurts so much to listen to the Clown after the intelligent, articulate president we used to have.
But then I realize who he's talking to. The people who elected him. The anti-science, anti-education crowd that looks upon higher education as a liberal plot, and I understand how a fourth grade vocabulary can resonate with a YUUUGE part of the electorate.
Sickening to see our country devolve to that point, but that's where we're at.
Any news that's disagreeable is FAKE, and LYING on a daily basis is acceptable, while still going after Hillary is good sport.
The FBI just 'doing it's job', investigating dozens of Russian contacts, is now 'Spygate', the BIGGEST scandal since Watergate, and the prez's lawyers REFUSE to let him testify cuz it's a 'perjury trap'.
Why? Cuz he's GUILTY!
Why else would it be a trap?
An innocent man would LOVE to testify and get it behind him.
Not this lying SOB, whose campaign people are actively cutting deals to avoid prison, where he will ultimately end up, IF there's any justice in the world.


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